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Burundi Kirundo lot #2B



prunes / cherries / cream / pomegranate


Flavor: Prunes, cherries, cream, pomegranate

Balance: Dense body, medium acidity

Processing and drying: Natural

Variety: Bourbon

Region: Kirundo Province, North East Burundi

Altitude: 1700 m

Crop Year: 2018

Score: 87



Ripe coffee cherries (of the highest quality) are taken from daily fees and dried in the sun on elevated African beds, turned over every 2 hours in the first days to achieve even fermentation, then covered with midday heat to prevent sun damage. After reaching the optimum level of humidity, it is transported for further processing in Ikawa Nziza, Gashokho between the cities of Ngozi and Muyinga. The location of the city at high altitude (1730 m above sea level) and in low humidity conditions provides an optimal environment for preservation. From there coffee is processed and packaged in Grainpro, and then sent to Mombasa for shipment.