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Honduras San Rafael Lot#44



banana / guava / mango


Flavor: banana, guava, mango

Processing and drying: natural anaerobic (90 hours)

Variety: Ihcafe90

Region: Corquín, Copan

Altitude: 1300-1400 m

Crop: February-March 2019

Cupping Score: 86



Norma Iris Fiallos is the name of the coffee maker in the city of Corquin, the Department of Copan, Honduras. San Rafael is the name of Norma Iris farm. The farm is located in the Los Limos community in Corquin, about 10 km from Copan, with average altitude 1330-1400 meters above sea level.

This area is characterized by a suitable climate for the production of coffee — high rainfall, temperate climate, high quality of soil and environmental biodiversity, unique to this region of Honduras. Finca San Rafael has shelter with water and electricity for permanent and temporary workers. Executes the process of enrichment and training at the sites of the company Aruco. There is a dirt road where you can see the beautiful city view.

Norma Iris Fiallos inherited a farm in 1982. Norma Iris is currently a member of the ARUCO Cooperative, which supports the preparation of microlots of specialty coffee. Aruco provides trainings, coffee processing, technical support to the company’s agricultural technicians. Currently, the farm is also diversified to grow different types of wood, fruit trees and ornamental trees.

Norma’s Dream is have a tourist farm with a friendly atmosphere. Donna Norma imagines with her family that somehow they will build bungalows so that coffee travellers from all over the world can come and live directly on the farm. They hope to improve their productive system and fully devote themselves to the production of micro-lots, which will showcase the best opportunities on the market among competitors.

Natural Fermentation 90 hours
Coffee was harvested from February until March. Cherries were picked up by pickers from Guatemаla. On the next step, cherries were washed and cleared from floaters. Then coffee was put in the special plastic bags, deflated air and left for 90 hours. After the fermentation process coffee is placed to drying system with covering and dried for 20-40 days. When the cherries reached the needful humidity, the beans were de-pulped from the cherries and parchment by huller and then sent to the export.

Ihcafe90 is a variety of coffee that was cultivated in Honduras for resistance to pests and rust. Appeared as a result of crossing the variety of Villa Sarchi and the hybrid of Catimor.